Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mystery Mush

"Mommy, the couch is wet."

The mommy alarm goes off silently, as a list of unpleasant possibilities flashes uninvited in my head. It's most likely water, since the toddler can force the lids off most sippy cups, and all my children drink lately is water because of this unfortunate toddler super power.

I go to inspect the damage. Mmhmm. The couch is a little wet right there - where the cushions meet...oh wait....there's something there....between the cushions......OH YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's an alien it's an oozing homeschool science experiment gone's.......oh, good grief. It's a banana. Unpeeled. Unbroken. Oozing. And it's in my couch cushions.

Apparently the toddler did not eat the banana she was given last night. And to think my back was only turned a second. *sigh*

In case you ever wondered, a peeled banana left overnight between the cushions of a sofa is super gross. It turns brown and spotted and oozes slime. So there. Now you can cross that off the list of things you always wondered about. ;)

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