Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost Naked Day

Wow, that was close. One more day without doing the laundry and this cartoon would have been our reality. My heart is merry because for about 45 minutes, right between the end of supper and the bedtime snack, every single item in our household of seven is CLEAN. I know it won't last, but it sure feels good for a little while. Thank you, Lord, for plenty of clothes and modern day machines to keep them tidy!


  1. Love it! I wish I could say that as they get older the laundry gets to be less but (sigh) now we have more fine washables (for teen girls) and less potty-stained sheets.

    Love the cartoon! Have you read Todd Wilson of Family Man Ministries? He is a kick!

    thanks for visiting my blog Hannah.

    Jill Farris

  2. lol, I don't think laundry ever ends! :)