Friday, March 11, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy Chicks!

We stopped in the local farm store to look at the new baby chicks. Is there anything cuter than a fuzzy wuzzy chick?!!! Little yellow fluffy lumpy balls on two tiny orange stick legs, running about yelling, "CHEEP!" nonstop as if to say, "Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!" My goodness, it was tempting, but we are sardine impersonators at the moment. Adding another living, breathing creature to our living space is NOT an option. Besides, those cute little balls of fuzz are going to grow up and form a pecking order and brutally assault their own kind, and then they won't seem so darn cute. But I digress......

Here are a few recent quotes from my own little chicks, and no matter how big they get, they will always make my heart merry. :)

We were driving down a busy road when my eleven year old said, "Mommy, it's against the law to use your cruise control on this road. That sign said you will get a $250 fine for cruising!"

While walking around a busy store, my eight year old said, "Mommy, what does 'hoopauz' mean?" I had him repeat the word several times before I realized he had read "Whoop A$$" on a BBQ sauce bottle. Not being the time nor the place to get into this particular discussion, I told him it was sort of a naughty word. He said, "oh" and just went on to the next interesting thing in his line of vision. Man, I wish it were always that easy to answer their questions!

Fifteen minutes into our TWO THOUSAND MILE road trip, my four year old asked, "Mommy, are we almost there???"

My son was reading a book to his sisters, when the six year old started doing the popular potty dance. She took off running down the hall at top speed toward the bathroom and yelled, "PAUSE the book! I don't want to miss anything!" Maybe we should think about cutting back on TV/movie time.

My eight year old kept asking me where do you buy chlorine, and how much does it cost. After several days of questioning, I finally had to ask him why he wanted chlorine. He said because he wanted to smell good like daddy. It took me a few minutes to figure out he meant to say "cologne".

We have moved many times in the last few years, and lived in many states. After the last move, my four year old asked, "Mommy, have we ever lived on planet Earth?" Poor kid. Maybe we should think about putting down roots. On planet Earth, of course.

We were having a family discussion on the awesomeness that was Abraham Lincoln. I said that he was a "very good president". The six year old thought about that for a minute and said, "Oh. Then he and Obama would probably fight a lot." Smart kid. :)

Yesterday we drove passed a McDonalds and my 18 month old squealed, "ICE CWEAM!!!!!". That, my friends, is equal parts funny AND sad. I'm not at all sure an 18 month old should be able to recognize a McDonalds from her carseat, OR that she should know that you get ice cream there. That mommy-of-the-year-award is slipping away again. :/

Oh, life is fun. My heart is merry. :)


  1. It sounds like you have a fun and funny crew! :)

  2. What a light and uplifting post! Yep our kids say the darndest things.. I could write a book of my own after raising my brood. My four year old is still keeping it real and merry.. she knew a KFC sign from that age too and would scream out "fwies" (No mommy award for me either.. at least ice cream's got milk in it? lol!)

    Have a happy day with your sweeties.

    P.S. Visting from Time Warm Wife... you have a very nice blog... so heartwarming and 'merry'

  3. LOL! Loved the post - I sure do miss having little ones underfoot to catch me off guard with 'deep' questions :-)

    "Mommy, have we ever lived on planet Earth?" - kids are great!


  4. Haha!! Hannah, this is such a great post!!
    I LOVE how your cutie said, "pause the book"!
    Sounds like my kinda girl ;-)
    Thank you so much for a fun entry in A Little Bit of Lace - it was great to see you again :-)
    many blessings in Christ..Trish

  5. Hi Hannah,
    I love your post.It takes me back to my kids growing up.They said the cutest things and asked the weirdest questions.
    When my 14yo grand-daughter was 4yo she asked if we could have a birthday cake for Baby Jesus at Christmas....we did.. and she blew out the candle. I put the photo out every year.
    Your family sound wonderful
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  6. Oh my...this really brought a chuckle! :)

    Planet Earth indeed :) Putting down roots is good isn't it?


  7. I have watched my little grandbabies for the last five years while their Mama works and I adore every moment of it . I am so grateful to be able to share their little lives . They keep me young at heart.