Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook Thoughts

Once upon a time, I thought Facebook was a waste of time. A silly time sucker. Definitely NOT for me. Then one day a BFF told me I should join, that it was really great and I would love it. Bound by the implied laws of BFFhood, I joined. And she was right, I loved it!
I spent a decade not knowing the whereabouts of some dear old friends. Now thanks to Facebook, I not only know where they are and what they are doing, I know what their kids look like, what kind of dog they have and what they ate for supper! It is a good thing especially for moms who spend most of their day conversing with munchkins.
It is amusing to observe what type of posters people are.
Vague posters: people who post simple fragmented phrases like "sick of it" or "well that figures" or something that makes you wonder what they are talking about but leaves you feeling like you are not important enough to know.
Detailed posters: people who post 5, 789 times a day, on every single thought that pops into their heads from the moment they stumble out of bed to the moment they crawl back into it.
Emotional posters: people whose posts are full of "OMG" and "LOL" and "ROFL" and "Bwahahaha" and "Squeeeee" and "Phhft" and "Woohoo" and so on.
Healthnut posters: people who love to tell you how much they have exercised, how many miles they have run, how many calories they have burned, how many hours they have spent at the gym.......they make me tired.
Philosophical posters: people who post quotes, esoteric thoughts, links to scientific articles, etc.... You know who you are. :)
Holy posters: people who feel it is their duty to personally save every Facebook friend from eternal damnation. Hey, I'm not judging, just observing. ;)
Tight lipped posters: people who rarely post and when they do, it's short, lacking in detail, to the point, with no unnecessary adjectives.
Unhappy in love posters: people who will never be happy with their boyfriend/girlfriend and feel the need to share their every thought on this subject with all their FB peeps on a daily basis.
Happy in love posters: people who share TOO MUCH INFORMATION about the love in their lives. Gross!
Salesman posters: people who never miss an opportunity to push their wares, be it tupperware, jewelry, makeup, organic cleaning supplies or acme wart removers. (Ok, admittedly, I've not seen any FB friends selling acme wart removers)
Photo happy posters: people who post 14 gazillion photos of everything from their baby's first smile to their weird Uncle Buford's ingrown toenail. A special breed of this type of poster is the "I-love-me-pic-happy-poster". The ones who post tons of pics of themselves, mostly standing in front of a mirror. Many of said pics are of a duck face pose. ***shudder*** Who ever came up with that?! Can we say STUPID or what? But I digress....
Spelling challenged posters: people who you never knew (until you knew them on Facebook) failed every spelling course they ever took. What about punctuation and capitalization? Don't get me started.
What type of Facebooker are you? I'm not sure what I am.
What type of Facebook Friender are you? I'm a bit reserved. I don't befriend every Tom, Dick or Sally that I met once in the bathroom at a ballgame in fifth grade. I prefer to keep my friend list at a more intimate level.
Are you a Facebook gamer? I have not gotten into the so & so needs a cow bell or so & so found a truffle or so & so scored a brilliant score on a word game thingy. Just not my cup of tea. In fact, it gives me great pleasure to click the "x" and "hide" these activities.
Some say Facebook is a complete waste of time. I disagree. And here's why.
Last year, my sweet niece Bella, who was about 18 months old at the time, became very sick. She was taken to the doctor several times, but they dismissed it as a viral bug that needed to run its course. Too late they discovered she had e coli poisoning. Her kidneys started to shut down and she was at death's door. Many did not believe she would survive. In a matter of seconds, thanks to a Facebook prayer request posts, friends all over this country began to pray for the healing of Bella. They put her on their church prayer lists and had their friends and family praying. Can you imagine how long it would have taken to track down that many people by phone? God did answer those prayers and sweet Bella is bouncing around today, and it is a blessing to have her tiny little arms about my neck for a hug.
I have also witnessed the answered prayer for healing for my Grandmother, who should have died from a serious cancer surgery, but survived and is cancer free! Many prayers have been answered for me and many of my Facebook friends. It is awesome, and makes my heart merry!

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