Sunday, March 27, 2011


Two of my munchkins, brother and sister, were arguing, tugging on an empty box that they both wanted. Squabbling amongst the kiddos had been unusually high this week, so I sat them both down to discuss some fruits of the spirit - love, joy, peace, etc... We talked of being nice to one another, loving one another, and treating one another the way they wished to be treated. We spent time discussing the joys of sharing.

They both listened attentively, so I asked sister what she thought would make Jesus happy. She thought for a few seconds and confidently said, "I think it would make Jesus really happy if brother let me play with the box now."



  1. Oh, my sounds like my house lately! We have been having those same issues lately. So, maybe you can take a little comfort in knowing you aren't alone.

  2. Too cute!!! I love it. Take heart my sister - you're not alone. ;-) xox